(Fort Lauderdale) - PERSONNEL AND MATERIAL HOIST COMPLIANCE - November 15, 2017 from 12PM to 4PM. Location:  ABC East Coast - 3730 Coconut Creek Parkway, Coconut Creek, FL 33066. It is the responsibility of all employees, erectors, operators and users to read, comply with, to be knowledgeable and understand all state, local or federal statues or government regulations pertaining to Material Hoists. These regulations (ANSI A10.5 & 1926.552) were designed to promote safety in the erection, dismantle, operation and use of Material Hoists. This course is not all inclusive, and neither supplements nor replaces additional safety and precautionary measures that cover usual or unusual conditions.Presenters: Bob Berry, Corporate Safety Director, Sims Crane and Equipment.  Lunch provided and Certificates of Completion will be issued for this course. Cost $50

  • What safety guidelines for Material Hoists must be posted in a conspicuous place.

  • Pre-start inspections, as described in the operation manual for said Material Hoist, and job site specific hazards must be addressed. Learn what must be inspected each day.

  • Find out what periodic inspections, pursuant to manufacturer, ANSI A10.5, and local requirements, shall be performed at a minimum of every 30 days.

  • Not exceeding the maximum load limitations set by the Material Hoist manufacturer.

  • Securing the Material Hoist from unauthorized use after the work shift.

  • Not operating Material Hoist during winds exceeding 30 mph, or in lightning storms.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this course is believed to be accurate as of the date of training. This course provides information on methods of safe use but does not purport to be all-inclusive, or to supplant or replace any manufacturer or other safety and precautionary measures. Training is intended to neither conflict with nor supersede the requirements of law or governmental regulations, codes and ordinances. The user must refer to such provisions. The Safety Alliance expressly disclaims any and all liability as to any results obtained or arising from this course or reliance on such information.

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(TAMPA) - DRONES AND CONSTRUCTION - November 7, 2017 from 12PM to 4PM. Location:  Entrepreneur Collaborative Center - 2101 E. Palm Ave., Tampa, FL 33605. This presentation provides an overview of different ways drone technology is being used in construction, building inspection and safety. It also provides an in-depth look at the federal regulations governing the commercial use of drones, as well as safety concerns and preventative steps to take to mitigate potential risk. Presenters: Chris Baidenmann, Technical Services Manager, MC Consultants, Tyler Marsh, Senior Consultant | Chief UAS Pilot, MC Consultants, Terry Clunk, UAS Pilot | President, Aerial Perspectives, Representative from Tampa FAA. Lunch provided and certificate issued at completion of course. Cost $50

Ensure Proper Use of Equipment

  • Utilizing drones for daily jobsite monitoring
  • Autonomous Flight of drones
  • Construction Tracking
  • Why use drones?
  • When to do it
  • How the media is used and the feedback we have received

Investigating Jobsites

  • Fundamentals of an aerial survey
  • Typical assemblies and components investigated
  • Mechanics of an aerial survey
  • Statistical relevancy of data

Spotting Potential Problems

  • Drone mapping, modeling and scanning
  • Incorporating drone date into design software
  • Time and cost savings on projects

Photographing Hard to Reach Areas

  • High rise buildings and towers
  • What to consider before proceeding with a flight
  • Equipment necessary

Overcome Logistical Challenges

  • Pre-assessment of a site
  • What is the challenge?
  • How to analyze the data to be beneficial

Reducing the Risk of Injury

  • Current equipment being used and the risks involved
  • How drones minimize the risk

Adapting Other Technologies

  • Drones and thermal cameras
  • LiDAR and drones
  • Drones of the future
  • VIIII. Work Products
  • Post survey analysis
  • Processing the data
  • Making sense of it all

FAA Regulations and Requirements

  • 333 and 107
  • Cans and Cants
  • Requirements for licensing
  • Topics covered

Drone Concerns

  • Crashes
  • Drones and manned aircraft
  • Operator error
  • Privacy concerns and local regulations