The Safety Alliance has signed a National Partnership with Schooner Executive Search, the commercial construction industry’s most valued search partner and the only boutique firm that offers a combined 35+ years of direct construction industry and executive leadership experience to provide valuable guidance and advisory services to their clients.  Unlike traditional recruiting firms, Schooner Executive Search partners with each one of its clients to create customized search solutions designed to fill critical positions with the most elite talent available in the marketplace.

The company specializes in sourcing superior candidates for senior-level management roles and the positions that support them within the construction industry. From CEO to Estimator to Superintendent, there is no position that is too complex for this firm to handle.  While most recruiters are focused on speed and numbers, Schooner Executive Search goes to extraordinary lengths to turn every stone over in the marketplace to procure happily employed resources, fully vet them and ensure they are perfectly suited to the opportunity being offered at their client’s companies.

Not only will Schooner Executive search help identify passive talent, but they screen and interview each candidate, provide reference and background checks and work with clients to ensure they can successfully place the best fit candidate at their company to drive results.

This team offer enviable industry connections, in-depth knowledge of commercial construction and in-demand markets and is prepared to partner with your company today. 

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