January 12, 2018

10AM to 12PM


Florida's Emergency Planning and Community Right-to Act - Zachary T. Annett, Apalachee LEPC Coordinator, Apalachee Regional Planning Council

​​Manny Rodriguez, SE Regional Safety Director | Phone: 954-604-9190  | Email: rodriguezm@bakerconcrete.com
Address: 5555 Anglers Avenue, Suite 1A, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
Baker Concrete Construction, Inc. is the nation’s leading concrete construction firm specializing in all types of cast-in-place concrete construction. Through 46 years of construction experience and over 10,000 projects completed, Baker is qualified to handle any concrete construction project from commercial office buildings, to heavy industrial power plants, including forming, reinforcing, placing and finishing of foundations, slabs, structures, or virtually any other concrete structure.

Eric Plant, President | Phone:  704-252-1345 | Email: Eric@rapideps.com

Jonathan Plant, Executive Vice President | Phone: 794-241-9129 | Email:  Jonathan@rapideps.com
Address: PO BOX 38683, Charlotte, NC 28278 | Phone: 704-252-1345
A revolutionary fall prevention system that’s fast and easy to assemble yet fully compliant with BSEN 13374:2013 for Class A and B Protection. Discover the full range of products from RAPID EPS on this site, each precision manufactured in Britain to meet exacting standards worldwide.


Chairperson: Dan Dombrowski (850) 556-1575

(Advanced Manufacturing Training Center)

3958 West Pensacola Street

Tallahassee, FL 32304


Hosted in Partnership with

Tallahassee Community College

Todd Roper, CEO | Phone: 954.243.6032 | Email: todd.rtr.eis@gmail.com

Georgette Roper, President/CFO | Phone: 954-243-6032 | Email:eis.georjet@gmail.com
Address: 3682 Wickham Road, Suite B1, UPS Box 310, Melbourne, FL 32935

Equipment Inspection Services goal is to educate crane operators, riggers, inspectors and businesses to reduce the risks inherent in any location where cranes are working. They wll improve the skills of those working in and around cranes, ensuring that cranes have been properly inspected and maintained, helping workers make rational decisions in a dangerous environment and assist businesses in creating safer worksites. 


Tallahassee Safety Alliance


Vern Vokus, President/CEO | Phone: 561.585.9859 | Email: vvokus@lfhservices.com

​​Mirto Vigoa, CFO | Phone: 561.722.3392 | Email: mvigoa@lfhservices.com
Drew Lofton, Safety Director| Phone: 305-775-3243 | Email:dlofton@lfhservices.com
Address: 1551 Forum Place, Suite 400B, West Palm Beach, FL 33401 | Phone: 800.546.7402
Providing safer workers, faster response time, and better service than their competitors is how they deliver world-class service. They know what it takes to attract and retain the most talented skilled employees available in the area. Their proprietary screening processes ensure only the most qualified, dependable people are staffed and dispatched to their clients’ assignments. Labor for Hire employs some of the most cutting edge technology available in the industry to manage our team members efficiently and effectively. They can customize their screening process to fit your particular needs, including criminal background checks, drug screenings, and competency and aptitude tests.

Co-Chair: Brad Martin (850) 508-4519

Sunshine 811
Brad Martin, Damage Prevention Liaison | Address: 11 Plantation Road, DeBary, FL 32713
Phone: 850-508-4519 | Email: brad.martin@sunshine811.com 
Website: www.sunshine811.com

Counties Served: Alachua, Baker, Bay, Bradford, Calhoun, Clay, Columbia, Dixie, Duval, Escambia, Franklin, Gadsden, Gilchrist, Gulf, Hamilton, Holmes, Jackson, Jefferson, Lafayette, Leon, Levy, Liberty, Madison, Nassau, Okaloosa, Putnam, Santa Rosa, St. Johns, Suwannee, Taylor, Union, Wakulla, Walton, Washington

Armada Ammunition, Inc.

John Coffman, CEO/Founder | Email: office@armadaammunition.com

Website: www.armadaammunition.com


City of Midway

N. Jones, Public Works Director | Email: njones@midwayfl.com

Website: www.midwayfl.com

City of Tallahassee
Daniel Dombrowski, Safety Specialist | Phone: 850-556-1575 | Email: daniel.dombrowski@talgov.com
Robby Powers, Safety Specialist | Phone: 850-891-8756 | Email: robby.powers@talgov.com
Website: www.talgov.com
City Government

DOH Leon

Gail Stewart, Safety Officer | Phone: 850-606-8164 | Email: Gail.stewart@flhealth.gov

Website: www.flhealth.gov

Energia Resources, LLC

Mark Dick, Principal | Phone: 850-728-0778 | Email: marccdick@icloud.com

Florida Department of Education

Sylvia Ifft, Deputy Director of Emergency Management | Phone: 850-245-5121 | Email: sylvia.ifft@fldoe.org

Website: www.fldoe.org

Florida Mine Safety Training Program

Karen Miller, Mining Program Manager | Phone: 850-201-7689 | Email: millerka@tcc.fl.edu

Website: www.flminesafety.com


The Florida Mine Safety Program (FMSP) aims to educate those who partake in mining operations by assisting mining companies and mining contractors with their health and safety training. For more than 30 years, the program has operated as a federally-funded grant program under the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) whose mission is to prevent death, disease and injuries in the mining industry. This is done through a variety of training courses, conferences and informational seminars offered by FMSP. These courses highlight proper emergency evacuation plans, health and safety standards and more. FMSP diligently works to ensure that miners working in both Florida metal and nonmetal operations are aware of the health and safety standards and are effectively trained to take precautionary measures. Through a collaborative effort, FMSP and MSHA Educational Field and Small Mine Services (EFSMS) work together to reduce the frequency and severity of mining accidents and ensure a safe environment for all.

Florida School Boards Insurance Trust

Jackie Scott | Phone: 850-510-2044 | Email: jscott@fsbit.net

Tracy Wade, Safety Specialist | Phone: 850-414-0021 | Email: twade@fsbit.net

Website: www.fsbit.net


Florida State University

Jason Marconnet, Occupational Health and Safety | Phone: 850-644-2340 | Email: jmarconnet@fsu.edu

Website: www.fsu.edu



Brian Dunn, Public Sector Account Manager | Phone: 850-445-4710 | Email: brian.dunn@grainger.com

Website: www.grainger.com


Gulf PowerCompany

Tabatha McGhee, Corporate Security Investigator | Phone: 850-505-2280 | Email: Tglazebr@southernco.com

Website: www.southernco.com


J. Barnidge Associates

James Barnidge, Owner | Phone: 850-933-4894 | Email: jbarnidge148@gmail.com


Kelley Kronenberg

Kimberly Fernandes, Partner | Phone: 850-577-1301 | Email: kfernandes@kklaw.com

Website: www.kklaw.com


Leo Instructors

Susan Barge, Instructor | Phone: 352-620-4701 | Email: leoinstructors@aol.com


Leon County Board of County Commissioners

Karen Melton, Risk Manager | Email: meltonk@leoncountyfl.gov

Website: www.leoncountyfl.gov


Nobles Consulting Group

William Adams | Phone: 850-385-1179 | Email: bill@ncginc.com

Website: www.ncginc.com


Surveying, Mapping, GIS, and Engineering

On Site Therapy, LLC

Robert Lisson, Vice President | Phone: 850-459-7126 | robert@onsitetherapy.com

Website: www.onsitetherapy.com

Sunshine 811

Brad Martin, Damage Prevention Liaison | Phone: 850-508-4519 | Email: brad.martin@sunshine811.com

Website: www.sunshine811.com


Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare

Philip Doyle, Director/Cheif Public Safety and Emergency Management | Email: philip.doyle@tmh.org

Website: www.tmh.org



Glenn Capps, Safety Specialist | Phone: 812-498-4825 | Email: gcapps@trueblue.com

Website: www.trueblue.com

United Rentals

Lance Damron, Sales Representative | Email: LDAMRON@UR.COM

Website: www.ur.com


Western Construction Group

Bob Diehl, Field Safety Manager | Phone: 314-409-3414 | Email: bobd@westerngroup.com

Website: www.westerngroup.com


Tallahassee Safety Alliance Members