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As our membership continues to grow, we will establish a new Safety Alliance Chapter in your area! Please contact the Safety Alliance to learn more about working with us to start a chapter in your area.

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FS 360, General Contractor LLC
Timothy Willis, Safety Director | Cell: 678-876-6605 | Email:
FS360 provides comprehensive design, engineering and construction solutions for clients that own, maintain or lease substantial amounts of Corporate Real Estate (CRE). We are a proven partner in this field, currently providing support for many Fortune 500 clients, and millions of square feet of corporate and industrial space. With a large footprint, we are able to bring increased value and bottom line results for our clients. At FS360, we work diligently to maintain the safest possible worksite. Safety is not merely an industry catchphrase; it is imbedded within our culture. Training our employees in the latest safety requirements is our obligation. Our team accomplishes this with the highest accountability. On top of this, we are continually identifying innovative ways to produce the safest environment for our workers.

Price Industries
Meilin Hernandez, EHS Manager | Phone: 470-303-8636 | Email:
Price Industries was founded in Winnipeg Canada and shortly moved operations to the United States. We currently have 4 Plants located in in the United States. Three are located in Georgia and another in Casa Grande Arizona. We specialize in are conditioning systems for Hospitals, Commercial construction, Cold rooms, Pharmaceuticals etc. Price’s commitment to research, development, innovation, and precision engineering remains the cornerstone of the company. We invest relentlessly in product development, in both differentiated niche products and standard commodity products. Our customers have learned to count on a constant and ever-increasing stream of product enhancements as well as new products. We have a large, experienced and talented team of engineers working constantly on breakthrough product ideas. We are not afraid to move into whole new product categories if we believe we have a contribution to make.

Trinity Water Damage and Restoration Services - Lithonia, GA
Maya Gibbs, Executive Safety Trainer | Cell: 404-749-0540 | Email:
This is a family owned and operated business, we provide mold and water remediation as well as COVID-19 Sanitation