Orlando Safety Alliance

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Todd Roper, CEO | Phone: 954.243.6032 | Email: todd.rtr.eis@gmail.com
Georgette Roper, President/CFO | Phone: 954-243-6032 | Email: eis.georjet@gmail.com
Address: 3682 Wickham Road, Suite B1, UPS Box 310, Melbourne, FL 32935
Website: www.eiscrane.com
Equipment Inspection Services goal is to educate crane operators, riggers, inspectors and businesses to reduce the risks inherent in any location where cranes are working. They wll improve the skills of those working in and around cranes, ensuring that cranes have been properly inspected and maintained, helping workers make rational decisions in a dangerous environment and assist businesses in creating safer worksites.

Kathy Thrash, Damage Prevention Liaison | Address: 11 Plantation Road, DeBary, FL 32713
Phone: 386-575-2057 | Email: kathy.thrash@sunshine811.com
Website: www.sunshine811.com
Counties Served: Brevard, Flagler, Highlands, Lake, Marion, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole, Sumter, Volusia

Sunshine 811 puts you in touch with people who can locate buried utilities. Call 811 Before You Dig. This is a Free Service. Sunshine 811 is a not for profit corporation which began with the 1993 adoption of the "Underground Facility Damage Prevention and Safety Act," Chapter 556, Florida Statutes. Underground utility owners and operators are required by this law to be members of Sunshine 811. Member underground utility owners and operators fund its operation.

Silver Member

Unified Commission of Safety and Environmental Services (UCSES)
Sandra Norris, VP Sales and Marketing | Phone: 407.765.6176 | Email: sbarnes@ucses.com
Website: www.ucses.com

The Unified Commission of Safety and Environmental Services (UCSES) provides quality safety training throughout Florida. Some of our classes, to name a few, are the Florida Intermediate and Advanced MOT, Heavy Equipment Operator Safety, HazWoper, OSHA 10 and 30 Hour. For more information please visit our website at www.ucses.com or contact us directly at 407-765-6176.

Orlando Safety Alliance Members

A-1 Block Corporation
Brad Coolidge, Safety & Environmental Manager | Phone: 407-422-3768 | Email: brad@a1block.com

A-C-T Environmental & Infrastructures, Inc.
Todd Spencer, Director, Health & Safety | Cell: 352-259-1503 | Email: tspencer@a-c-t.com

Burt Thorpe, Training Manager | Phone: 407-709-3268 | Email: amcrane1@aol.com
Operator safety training, equipment inspections, certification and 3rd party crane inspections and expert witness testimony on the following: cranes (crawler, truck, rough terrain & tower), rigging, aerial lifts, scissor lifts, bucket trucks, backhoes, excavations, loaders and forklifts.

David Storch, Vice President of Safety and Risk Control | Phone: 407-222-6979 | Email: david.storch@aon.com

Arete Building Services
Steven Berger, President | Phone: 321-236-3731 Email: sberger@aretebuildingservices.com
Construction and facilities related services including general contracting, construction management and consulting, property inspection, facility condition assessments.

A.R.G. Construction, Safety & Health
Adalberto Rivera-Gueits, Risk Management & OSHA Compliance Specialist | Cell: 407-781-6973 | Email: adalberto@argcsh.org
A.R.G. Construction, Safety & Health has been in business since 2009. Our mission is to inspire a culture of safety and health for our clients in this Industry. We also help our clients enhance the quality of life for all staff in their field. We lead positive management change and deliver value to members through information, advocacy and service. We are dedicated not only to making the construction process enjoyable and beneficial, but also to ensuring safe and injury free working environments for our clients. We view risk management and the health and safety of each of our clients companies as the most important and vital to our operations.

Badger Daylighting
Tony Jensen, Operations Manager | Phone: 407-558-0240 | Email: tjensen@badgerinc.com
Larry Hill, Business Development | Phone: 407-408-5355 | Email: lhill@badgerinc.com
We specialize in non-destructive hydro vac-excavating around buried utilities and infrastructure including Subsurface Utility Engineering, potholing, deep hole excavation for pilings, pole holes, slot trenching and debris removal and cleanouts.

Base Construction
Didier Alba, Superintendent | Cell: 386-337-5135 | Email: didier@basecm.com

Kenneth Rea, Regional Safety Manager | Phone: 401-473-7652 | Email: krea@bernhardmcc.com

BLW Safety Consulting
Brian Wood, Consultant | Phone: 386-414-0419 | Email: bwood@blwsafety.com
Safety Consulting

Bobby Lee Aluminum, Inc.
Elizabeth Lee, Secertary/Treasurer | Phone: 863-453-2543 | bobbylee45@embarqmail.com

Boys Electrical Contractors
Randy Allen, Safety Manger | Phone: 321-987-7761 | Email: rallen@boyselectrical.com
Alisha Hansford, Safety Administrator | Phone: 321-727-3887 | Email: boyspa@boyselectrical.com
Craig Wambold, Project Manager | Phone: 321-863-5171 | Email: cwambold@boyselectrical.com
Electrical contractor

Brasfield and Gorrie
Matt Smith, Regional Safety Manager | Phone: 407-223-9436 | Email: matsmith@brasfieldgorrie.com
Ruben Rodriguez Jr., Senior Safety Manager | Phone: 407-470-3197 | Email: rrodriguez@brasfieldgorrie.com
Carey Williams, Senior Safety Manager | Cell: 407-562-4665 | Email: cawilliams@brasfieldgorrie.com

Brightview Landscape Development
Mark Steffeck, Branch Safety Officer | Phone: 321-403-6910 | Email: Mark.Steffeck@brightview.com

Carter Electric
Mike Carey, Safety Director | Phone: 407-814-2677 | Email: mike.carey@carter-electric.com

Certified Slings & Supplies
Rick Larsen, Safety Program Manager | Contact Phone: 407-739-7277 | Email: rick.larsen@cerifiedslings.com
Manufacturer of Slings & Rigging as well as Distributor of the same as well as Fall Protection & all Safety PPE. Plus at our Academy in Tampa we offer training classes for Rigging, Fall Protection, Confined Space Entry, Controlled Descent, etc.

Christy Associates (Werner)
Alec Christy, Safety Specalist | Phone: 407-375-5107 | Email: alec@christyreps.com

Billy Cook, Sales & Marketing Director | Phone: 281-686-6111 | Email: billy.cook@cicb.com

CIH Support
Joanne Creech | Phone: 321-750-5197 | Email: jcreech@cihsupport.com

Collage Companies
Rob Maphis, Vice President of Operations, COO | Phone: 407-829-2257 | Email: rmaphis@collage-usa.com

Collis Roofing
Nino Ramierz, Director of Safety and Risk Management | Phone: 321-228-7245 | Email: nino@collisroofing.com
Keven Cannone, Safety Associate | Phone: 407-921-2779 | Email: kcannone@collisroofing.com

Colonial Risk Management
James Borr, President | Phone: 407-889-7233 | Email: jborr@colonialrisk.com

Comprehensive Energy Services, Inc.
Leroy Konesko, Safety Director | Email: leroyk@cesmechanical.com

CORE Safety Group
Jorge Torres, Director of Safety Services | Phone: 321-710-6651 | Email: jorge.torres@coresafety.com
National safety consulting and loss control services

Cortez, Inc.
Mark Fitzgerald, Project Manager | Phone: 407-656-4397 | Email: Markf@cortezinc.net

County of Volusia
Beth La Hue, Safety Coordinator | Phone: 386-736-5951 | Email: blahue@volusia.org

Crane & Hoist Service Group
Mike Ficarelli, Account Manager | Phone: 808-285-8214 | Email: ficarellim@hoistcrane.com

Will Jimenez, Sales Specialist | Cell: 786-365-5960 | Email: will.jimene@dewalt.com

Dewitt Custom Concrete
Robert Thompson, Safety Administrator | Phone: 407-307-4152 | Email: robert@dewittcc.com

Christopher Bateman, Superintendent | Phone: 321-689-7621 | Email: christopher.d.bateman@disney.com

Electricom Inc.
Jeff Scheub, Safety Manager | Cell: 219-781-1992 | Email: jscheub@electricominc.com

Elro Holdings
Richard Asta, CEO | Cell: 407-697-6165 | Email: rasta@elroholdings.com

FC Construction Services
Andres Mejias, Southeast Regional Manager | Phone: 407-725-2276 | Email: Amejias@fc-cs.com
Workforce Analytics-Access Control-Compliance

FDR Safety
James Carnahan, Senior Safety Consultant | Phone: 352-216-7265 | Email: jcarnahan@fdrsafety.com

Gerard Scacchi, Safety Director | Phone: 352-229-0355 | Email: gscacchi@finfrock.com
FINFROCK is a leader in providing cost effective, rapid delivery of various types of multi-story buildings. We use a state of the art precast/pre-stressed concrete structural system which also frequently incorporates many subsystems into the structural components.

Florida Gas Transmission Company
Richard Barrett, Damage Prevention / Public Awareness | Phone: 407-468-6851 | Email: rick.barrett@energytransfer.com

Florida Medical Response
Tim Reeber, Owner, Managing Member | Phone: 407-442-2739 | Email: floridamedicalresponse@mail.com
Providing a range of first aid services to General Contractors

Food Protection Group
Mark Queenan, Owner | Phone: 305-586-6776 | Email: Mark.queenan@gmail.com

Fort Pierce Utilities Authority
Rae Lynn deBoer, Safety Officer | Phone: 772-216-3835 | Email: rdeboer@fpua.com
Municipal Utility Provider

Frontline Safety, LLC
Randy Free, President | Phone: 407-353-8165 | Email: randy@frontlinesafetyusa.com
Frontline Safety offers a wide variety of safety training and services. Our goal is to increase your organization's knowledge of how to work safely. Our objective is to help you increase your company's profit, efficiency and productivity by minimizing your exposure to risk.

Hensel Phelps Construction
Danny Cummings, Project Safety Manager | Phone: 321-607-2664 | Email: danny.cummings@henselphelps.com

Heavy Highway Infrastructure
Rick Rodriguez, VP Operations | Phone: 321-917-6285 | Email: rrodriguez@floridahhi.com

Roy Schofield, Resident Manager | Phone: 407-670-2369 | Email: rschofield@hntb.com

Hoist and Crane Service Group
Mike Ficarelli, Account Manager | Phone: 904-518-7682 | Email: ficarellim@hoistcrane.com
We Service, Repair, Inspect, Load Test, & Certify all types of cranes and industrial elevators (including offshore and maritime). We also can service heavy equipment and overhead doors & dock levelers. We also can do rail surveys and NDT wire rope to check for inter core damage.

I & I Slingmax Rigging Solutions
Jordan Ent, Outside Product Advisor | Phone: 386-586-8177 | Email: jent@iandisling.com
Website: www.slingmax.com
I & I Slingmax Rigging Solutions is a manufacturing company servicing the crane and heavy lift industry. We pride ourselves on partnering with our customers to provide 24/7 service that is unmatched in the industry. This includes custom fabricated slings, hardware, hoists, fall protection, Lifting Devices, calibration, testing, engineering and repair services. Key markets include Aerospace, Construction, Industrial, Military, Nuclear, Shipbuilding and Transportation.

i+Icon Southeast
Daniel Nuehring, Safety Coordinator | Phone: 813-853-4624

Kelley Kronenberg
Timothy Dunbrack, Co-Managing Partner | 407-376-3701 | Email: TDunbrack@kelleykronenberg.com
Safety Alliance Legal Advisor

Lightsource HR
Justin Womrath, Safety Specialist | Phone: 407-724-9493 | Email: justin.womrath@lightsourcehr.com

Lee Maizel, Consutant/Owner | Cell: 757-544-2528 | Email: lmsuretyllc@gmail.com
LM SURETY LLC is a safety consulting firm for the construction industry. With almost 20 years of experience in the industry, I am able to offer a variety of services to meet your safety needs.

Merit Fasteners
Donna Young, Technical Sales Manager | Phone: 407-331-4815 | Email: Dyoung@meritfasteners.com

Teddy Duncan, Safety Manager | Phone: 863-956-0391x 3345 | Email: teddy.duncan@mizkan.com
Makers of Vinegar and cooking wine and Ragu pasta sauce

Oasis Outsourcing
Denise Churchwell, Risk Specialist II | Phone: 407-790-1380 | Email: dchurchwell@oasisadvantage.com

OHL/Community Asphalt
Emmanuel LeHardy, Loss Prevention Manager | Phone: 786-200-2204 | Email: Elehardy@ohlusa.com

Onsite Safety
Nathan Cunningham, Account Manager | Phone: 407-383-4886 | Email: ncunningham@onsitesafety.com
Shane Bardes, Safety Specialist | Phone: 407-288-4027 | Email: sbardes@onsitesafety.com

Orange County Sheriff's Office
Katie Didriksen, Risk Management Supervisor | Phone: 407-335-9327 | Email: kate.didriksen@ocfl.net
Lee Claycomb, Safety Coordinator | Cell: 407-254-7161 | Email: lee.claycomb@ocfl.net

Orlando Health
John Brown, Manager of Occupational Safety | Phone: 321-841-8001 | Email: john.brown@orlandohealth.com

Orlando Orthopaedic Center
Leslie Walsh, Marketing Director | Phone: 407-254-4077 | Email: lwalsh@orlandoortho.com

ORR Safety
Stacy Bond, Account Manager | Phone: 561-506-3600 | Email: sbond@orrcorp.com
ORR Safety is a distributor focused on safety and the environment

Osceola County
Ralph Caravello, Risk & Safety Manager | Phone: 407-742-1233 | Email: Ralph.Caravello@osceola.org

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
Joan Spencer, Compliance Assistance Specialist | Phone: 813-626-1177 | Email: spencer.joan@dol.gov

Pike's Electric
Alex Raettig, Safety Director | Phone: 352-446-2397 | Email: araettig@pikeselectric.com

POSS Safety - Professional Occupational Safety Services
David Ibanez, Safety Director | Cell: 239-699-1585 | Email: dibanez@possafety.com
POSS- Professional Occupational Safety Services, LLC. is an OSHA Workplace Safety Outreach training company for Construction, General Industry and Agriculture taking on several outsourcing projects. What make us different compare to other companies is that all services are provided bicultural and in both languages, English/Spanish.

Raney Construction
Kenny Moss, Safety Director | Phone: 352-429-2557 | Email: kmoss@rcishell.com
Tina Haddox, HR Director | Phone: 352-429-2557 | Email: tina@rcishell.com

Reedy Creek Improvement District
Eduardo Fernandez, Safety Coordinator | Phone: 407-828-1385 | Email: efernandez@rcid.org

Rivera Rodriguez & Associates, Inc.
Ada N. Rodriguez-Vargas, President & CEO | Cell: 407-781-6518 | Email: ada@rrainc.biz
We are an organization dedicated to providing a service to small and medium-sized companies under federal and state regulations in the United States. Our job is to maintain a high capacity training and services to all field staff of the Construction, General Industry, Maritime and Disaster Site. We work with you to articulate what your success ultimately will look like. And we help to facilitate successful outcomes.  Our extensive experience, combined with Rivera Rodriguez & Associates framework of industry best practices, ensures that your project goals are met and your expectations exceeded. We bring proven tools, methodologies, and a tailored approach — not out-of-the-box solutions. Through true collaboration and strong engagement, Rivera Rodriguez & Associates are able to deliver above and beyond your expectations. Helping your organization achieve successful results is at the heart of what we do. Because at the end of the day, we view your success as our success.

RJD Risk Management
Rick Dalrymple, CEO | Phone: 407-998-4108 | Email: Rick.Dalrymple@ioausa.com

Ro-Mac Building Supply
Robbie Robison, Safety Director | Phone: 352-561-6217 | Email: rob.robison@romacfl.com
Ro-Mac is a building supply company with four locations in central Florida, as well as a truss plant, door plant, and commercial door fabrication facility.

Saferite Solutions
Eduardo Henao, Territory Sales Rep | 407-675-5286 | Email: Eduardo@saferitesolutions.com
Carolina Maya, Inside Sales Rep | Cell: 407-497-1185 | Email:

Safety Links
Glen Hansen, President | 407.917.9188 | Email: ghansen@safetylinks.net
Safety Consulting, Management and Training company

Safety Products
Ted Kiraly, Account Manager | Phone: 863-860-8606 | Email: tkiraly@spisafety.com
Safety specialist distributor

Select Physical Therapy
Christina McDaniel | Cell: 407-791-8733 | Email: CMMcDaniel@selectmedical.com

Seretta Construction
Tony Cardamone, Division Safety Director | Phone: 407-947-1938 | Email: acardamone@seretta.com
Trevor Schwiderske, Safety Director | Phone: 407-290-9440 | Email: tschwiderske@seretta.com
Tilt Wall Commercial Concrete Contractor

Safway Group
David Emeigh, Multi Branch Safety Manager | Phone: 407-450-0434 | Email: david.emeigh@safway.com
Access and Industrial Services

S.I. Goldman Company
Kyle Ricker, Special Projects Division Manager | Phone: 321-278-1307 | Email: kyle.ricker@comfortsystemsusa.com
Tyler Brooks, Fab Shop Manager | Email: tyler.brooks@comfortsystemsusa.com
Mechanical Contractor

Sims Crane & Equipment
Mike Kuffermann, Branch Manger | Phone: 813-361-2631 | Email: mike.kuffermann@simscrane.com
JD Verschuere, Safety Associate | Phone: 813-294-4749 | Email: jd.verschuere@simscrane.com

Steel City Safety
Chris Kuhn, Safety | Phone: 412-551-3250 | Email: Pghsteelers1011@gmail.com

Sumymca International
Steve Horne, Director of U.S. Domestic Sales | Phone: 813-629-7591 | Email: steveh@sumymcaint.com
Safety solutions; PPE, Training, FR Allarel, Footware, Headwear

Sunshine 811
Kathy Thrash, Central Florida Damage Prevention Liaison | Phone: 800-638-4097 | Email: kathy.thrash@sunshine811.com

Superior Construction Company
Bryan Stone, Safety Director | Phone: 904-292-4240 | Email: bstone@superiorconstruction.com
Frank Ortega, Safety Manager | Phone: 407-473-2184 | Email: fortega@superiorconstruction.com

Team Fishel
Darin Joyce, Supervisor | Phone: 352-214 -0515 | Email: Dljoyce@teamfishel.com

The Packers of Indian River
Roger Churchwell, Supervisor | Phone: 772-216-7838 | Email: Chruchd@yahoo.com

Tower Eight Staffing Solutions, Inc. DBA Skiiled Resources
Robert Dillon, Safety Manager | Phone: 407-930-5858 | Email: rdillon@skilledresources.com

Michael St. Lawrence, Construction Risk Control | Phone: 407-718-2032 | Email: mstlawre@travelers.com

Turner Construction
Kevin Clark, Project Safety Assistant | Phone: 321-558-4199 | Email: kclark@tcco.com
Justin Fulton, Area EHS Manager | Cell: 407-394-9473 | Email: jfulton@tcco.com

Unified Commission of Safety and Environmental Services
Sandrea Norris, VP Sales and Marketing | Phone: 407-765-6176 | Email: sbarnes@ucses.com
The Unified Commission of Safety and Environmental Services (UCSES) provides safety training throughout Florida. Some of our classes, to name a few, are the Florida Intermediate and Advanced MOT, Heavy Equipment Operator Safety, HazWoper, OSHA 10 and 30 Hour. For more information please visit our website at www.ucses.com or contact us directly at 407-765-6176.

US Healthworks
David Martens, Key Account Specalist | Phone: 407-399-5374 | Email: david.martens@ushworks.com
David Kobrinetz, National Director of Telemedicine | Phone: 858-735-1001 | Email: David.Kobrinetz@USHWorks.com

USF SafetyFlorida Consultation Program
Mylene Kellerman, Assistant Director | Cell: 407-832-5792 | Email: mkellerm@health.usf.edu
Pat Stark, Safety & Health Consultant | Phone: 407-262-7434 | Email: pstark@health.usf.edu

VMG Construction, Inc.
Adrian Galvan, CEO | Phone: 407-347-9536 | Email: adrian@vmgconstructioninc10.com
Structural Concrete Subcontractor

WELBRO Building Corporation
Kevin Boland, Safety Manager | Cell: 619-321-8291 | Email: kboland@welbro.com

Westbrook Service Corp
Don Cerullo, Fleet & Safety Manager | Cell: 407-432-8919 | Email: 
In business since 1949. Westbrook is a Commercial HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical Service provider across Central Florida.

Wiginton Fire Systems
Martin Morales, Safety Manager | Phone: 407-920-0996 | Email: martin.morales@wiginton.net

Winter Park Construction
Christina Skirvin, Safety & Risk Manager | Phone: 407-644-8923 | Email: christina@wpc.com
Bill Grant, Safety/QC | Phone: 407-644-8923 | Email: bill@wpc.com

Zenith Insurance
Jessica Bohan, Senior Safety and Health Consultant | Phone: 407-450-6308 | Email: jbohan@thezenith.com
Andy Tatum, Safety and Health Manger | Phone: 772-978-7460 | Email: atatum@thezenith.com

Additional Members
Kevin Boland, Safety Manager | Phone: 619-321-8291 | Email: kevinbolandsd@gmail.com