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Todd Roper, CEO | Phone: 954.243.6032 | Email:
Georgette Roper, President/CFO | Phone: 954-243-6032 | Email:
Address: 3682 Wickham Road, Suite B1, UPS Box 310, Melbourne, FL 32935
Equipment Inspection Services goal is to educate crane operators, riggers, inspectors and businesses to reduce the risks inherent in any location where cranes are working. They wll improve the skills of those working in and around cranes, ensuring that cranes have been properly inspected and maintained, helping workers make rational decisions in a dangerous environment and assist businesses in creating safer worksites.

San Francisco Alliance Members

The ReAlignment Group of California
Dan Fauchier, Managing Director | Cell: 858-337-4768 | Email:
Helping Contractors & Project Teams Deliver Extraordinary Projects By Creating Ultra-Reliable Project Schedules Precise to the Day, Maximizing Labor Productivity and Preventing Cost Overruns