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SafestHires is Comprised of People with Backgrounds in Human Resources, Staffing, Software, Data Security, Military Intelligence and Criminal Justice

50-State Sex Offender Registries Search
This search reveals if your candidate is required to register as a sex offender, including the nature of the crime, when it occurred and the disposition. This is helpful for any company but especially for companies with employees who are caring for or interacting with children.

County Criminal Record Search
Follow the industry Best Practice for obtaining the most accurate criminal information by searching for convictions in the candidate’s counties of residence. Also, verify criminal database hits with a county criminal search in the reporting jurisdiction, before initiating adverse action.

Terrorist Watch Lists Search
This search includes domestic terrorist watch lists like the FBI Most Wanted and Office of Foreign Assets Control and international terrorist watch lists like INTERPOL. It can help reveal if your candidate has been implicated in terrorist activity or may have ties to known terrorists.

Nationwide Federal Crimes Search
Crimes prosecuted by the federal government are not available from a county criminal search or nationwide criminal database so you will want to check our federal crimes database to determine if your candidate has been convicted in federal court.

Driving Record Search
If your company employs people who are required to drive, you will want to see their driving record to make sure the license is valid, to find out if it has ever been suspended and if the record lists any violations which may place your company and its key stakeholders at increased risk.

If you need to verify that a candidate is being truthful about past employment, or find out if they earned the education credentials listed on their resume, or if you need to verify a professional license or certificate, our verification team can help you accomplish this.

Drug Testing
Screening employees for drug use is a great way to make the workplace safer. The 5-Panel test covers Amphetamines, Phencyclidine, Cocaine, Opiates, and Marijuana. You can also choose a more inclusive set of panels or you can request a customized solution.

Professional Sanctions
For people who have worked in healthcare or financial services professions and been formally disciplined for unethical or inappropriate conduct, records of these proceedings and the outcomes can be accessed with a FACIS search or FFIEC search.

Additional Information Request
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