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Hurricane Preparedness & Recovery


Overview - Free Seminar June 14, 2019

According to the National Hurricane Center, “The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th, and the Eastern Pacific hurricane season runs from May 15th to November 30th.” In other words, hurricane season is here, and it’s here to stay. Every year, businesses located along the coastal U.S. have to deal with high winds and heavy rainfall from storms that can range in strength from “tropical depressions” that have wind gusts of less than 38 mph to category five storms that have consistent wind speeds exceeding 157 mph.

How can businesses in hurricane zones curtail the risk of permanent loss and ensure business continuity in the face of a disaster that can take down their business entirely?

Proper advanced planning and disaster recovery planning can be described as a set of tools and procedures designed to allow your business to plan and then recover as quickly as possible - the specific measures used might vary from one company to the next. Organization also need to consider with the advent of cloud-based data storage and processing services, disaster recovery has become increasingly synonymous with securing equipment and remote data backup.

We will provide tools and information to assist businesses in preparing in the event of a hurricane and also creating effective disaster recovery plans. Seating is limited.

Additional Information

Seminar Length: 2 hrs

Maximum Seating: 40

Hurricane Preparedness & Recovery Seminar