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India Safety Alliance Members

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Al Salem Co
Abrar Khalfe, Manager | Cell: 0096599884550 | Email:
HVAC firm

Amet University
Kurinji V, Assistant Professor | Cell: 917373593737 | Email:
India’s first Maritime Deemed to be University for maritime-related education, training and research.

B Tech Mining and Engineering
Manish Kumar Tiwari, Student | Email:

Mohammed Mohiuddin | Email:

Maharashtra Institute of Technology
Rajpal Singh Rao | Cell: 917378373344 | Email:
Maharashtra Institute of technology is a college for various engineering streams, it is one of the best colleges for engineering in Maharashtra, it specializes in petroleum engineering.

SANTOSH KUMAR, Manager | Cell: 930-483-2180 | Email:
‘Sankalp Jyoti’ is a secular, non–political and non–profit making voluntary organization. This organization was formed by a group of social work and development professionals who were inspired by participatory and collective social actions and interventions. They first studied the socio-economic condition of the people followed by the regular interaction with the local office before chalking out need based interventions in the area of operation. The findings of the problems were so acute and intense that they could not be dealt in a shorter period of time without joint efforts. With this realization ‘Sankalp Jyoti’ originated in the year 2004 and was registered under the Society Registration Act.

Sankalp Jyoti started its different interventions from Patna district in Bihar and has in the course expanded its activities to Gaya, Jahanabad, Kishenganj, Sheikhpura, Madhubani and Muzaffarpur districts as well. The prime motto to take up Patna as the intervention district was because of the reason that most of the founder members were from this place. Moreover, Sankalp Jyoti emerged from the development professional office of this engaged in Patna district but committed to work with the people all over Bihar, so as to make them involve in overcoming their different problems including health, education, livelihood, drought, flood etc.

Since inception, Sankalp Jyoti has been working with women, children, youth, aged, farmers and laborers of the weaker and marginalized sections of the society who have been vulnerable to various disadvantages including disasters and social exclusion as well as denial their different rights. Sankalp Jyoti believes in development of these people through collective social as well as developmental action in a participatory approach.

Goal: Sustainable development of the society through women empowerment and in the process to generate awareness, consciousness and promote holistic development of all sections of the society.
Vision: To have healthy and self reliant society where equal opportunities are made available to the disadvantaged with special reference to women. Thereby promotion of equity based society bereft of any exploitation on the ground of sex, race, caste, creed, class and religion.

Mission: To create a self reliant society of disadvantaged & marginalized groups who can avail equal opportunities in which woman play proactive role. Thereby to strive for the sustainable development process and improvement in quality of life of all sections of the society with emphasis on deprived and marginalized sections through participatory approach and availing of their rights.

N Kalyan Chakravarthy | Cell: 9110234741 | Email:
Gas Application Systems

Total Oil
Nilesh Jadhav, Manager | Cell: 919096349763 | Email:
Petroleum Producer

ARUL RAJ, Port Safety | Cell: 849-600-7168 | Email:
Major port in India ,under ministry of shipping government of India