Order hard hat stickers with the Safe + Sound logo that you can distribute at your monthly meetings can be ordered at no cost from CPWR—just click here.

There are a number of great resources on their website that you can download and print like the Safe + Sound trifold brochure. There are also some Safe + Sound business cards and guides for field personnel.

You can also find more resources here (Safe + Sound info is the fifth grey box on the right side of the page).

Most Downloaded Safety and Health Program Resources in 2018

The Safe + Sound Campaign’s top 3 most downloaded safety and health program resources in 2018 were:

  1. 10 Ways to Get Your Program Started
  2. Making Safety Personal
  3. Safety Walk-Arounds for Managers

Access these and others at

Most Downloaded Safety and Health Program Activity Suggestions in 2018

Over 2,700 organizations did activities to build their safety and health program during Safe + Sound Week 2018. Try one of the top three most downloaded activity suggestions in your workplace today!

  1. Deliver a Message
  2. Empower Workers With Safety and Health Information
  3. Spotlight Hazards and Controls

Share Your Members' Safety and Health Program Successes

Do your members or other stakeholders have successful safety and health programs in their workplaces?  The Safe + Sound Campaign is looking for suggestions and examples that any organization could use to begin a program or enhance an existing one.  Encourage your networks to send a few sentences that answer any of the following questions to  Their submissions could be featured in upcoming Campaign communications.

  • What convinced your organization to develop a safety and health program?
  • Describe one thing that you’ve done for management leadership that has made a difference in your organization.
  • Describe one thing that you’ve done for worker participation that has made a difference in your organization.
  • Describe one thing that you’ve done to systematically find and fix hazards that has made a difference in your organization.
  • What is the best thing anyone has said about your efforts?
Show Your Workers You Care by Committing to
Safety and Health
Image of workers and managers having a conversation

Do you want to show your workers you care, but are not sure where to start? To help demonstrate your commitment to a safe workplace and sound business, check out these resources:

  • OSHA’s new fact sheet, Safety Walk-Arounds for Managers, provides suggestions for conducting inspections that can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your current safety and health efforts and communicate directly with workers about hazards in their jobs.

  • The National Safety Council’s article, Speaking of Safety: Changing the Atmosphere Around Safety Conversations, helps managers engage in effective safety conversations with workers at all levels. 

  • The Safe + Sound Campaign’s first live, free webinar (limited space available), Tools for a Successful Workplace Safety and Health Program, highlights resources you can use to become an effective safety leader and create a strong jobsite safety climate. This webinar will be hosted by CPWR: The Center for Construction Research and Training on Wednesday, February 21 at 2 p.m. EST and a full recording of the presentation will also be available following the event.
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