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Track Worker Training on all Projects and Workplaces for FREE

myComply also offers a free training manager for a variety of businesses and industries, dealing primarily with construction. Stop manually tracking employee training and certifications. Ditch your spreadsheets and store employee training certifications in the cloud where they can always be easily accessed. With myComply, you’ll enjoy:

  • Unlimited data is stored in the cloud
  • Notification emails when training is about to expire or has expired
  • Easy file sharing and collaboration on projects (subcontractor to contractor)

For General Contractors:

If you’re a general contractor, you will find myComply useful to verify that all workers on their projects, including subcontractors, have adequate training and are compliant.

For Subcontractors, Engineering firms, Healthcare, etc:

Many types of businesses use myComply as a replacement to photocopies, file folders and spreadsheets for an overall better way of managing employee training. If you’re in construction, you can also easily share training records for employees with general contractors for compliance verification purposes.

For Workers:

If you’re a worker, you can access your own training through the myComply Worker App. So there's never a fear of being thrown off a site or disciplined for not having training certifications readily available.

Watch a video from myComply and their most recent webinar or download their slide presentation below.

This FREE application was designed for the construction industry, but can be programed to work for almost any company who tracks employee training!

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